December 2004

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Not only does my friend, Mat, have an encyclopedic knowledge of music, fine art and drama (from consumption, folks, not book learnin’), he’s also an artist himself. For several years now, he has created tiny puppet people of all types just because. They’re insanely detailed, especially considering how small they are: most fit in my […]

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Dec 30, 2004 7


I’ll admit, I went into Spanglish not wanting to like it. I was one of three people who didn’t like As Good As It Gets but my loathing was deep and pure enough for three million. My particular creative bugaboo has always been Wasted Potential, and believe you me, if you’d read Mark Andrus’s brilliant, […]

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Dec 29, 2004 1

Susan Sontag

I have often said that I am just smart enough to realize how smart I’m not. This is never more in evidence than when I sit down to read Susan Sontag, which I have to do slowly, in a good, sturdy chair with plenty of sleep under my belt. Christopher Hitchens writes a beautiful eulogy […]

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With the latest death count from the earthquake/tsunami passing 52,000, even a normally ethnocentric cocooner like me can’t help but be moved to action. Maybe it’s the sheer magnitude of the devastation. Maybe it’s my embarrassment by the shamefully inadequate response by both our news sources (the lead story on the radio news just now […]

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Dec 27, 2004 4

Home, sweet home

Yes, I had a good time in Chicago. Yes, it was great seeing my peeps and scarfing down my chicken Kalamata and seeing the Christmas decorations in the windows of Field’s Macy’s on State Street (brought to you, like everything else, by Target). Despite my fears going into it, I also had a good time […]

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Dec 25, 2004 2

Stocking stuffer

Just in time for Christmas, the dazzling Hugh MacLeod has posted an outline for the book he’s proposing. If you’re one of the three people who read me who haven’t read Hugh, it’s a nice introduction to his work. Of course, so is this. Or this. Merry Christmas! xxxc

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Dec 25, 2004 Comments Off on Closer to Python: My Mike Nichols Day, Part II

Closer to Python: My Mike Nichols Day, Part II

As I’m currently in the process of converting a play with music into a musical play, I’m newly fascinated by musical theater, especially the newer forms cropping up today: Avenue Q, Caroline or Change, all of Ken Roht‘s work, the Ramayana 2K4, which I guess better start calling itself R2K5 so it doesn’t sign its […]

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The old McClurg Theatres are gone. It’s kind of sad, among many other films, I remember seeing Lawrence of Arabia there (the re-release, sonny) as well as walking out of Ishtar. However, my disappointment was short-lived because they have been replaced a block away by the River East Theatres, a 20-count-’em-20, state-of-the-art theater complex with […]

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I’m sipping a delicious Earl Grey Creme at Argo Tea, which in addition to having tasteful d├ęcor and such fine teas that I almost forget my abiding love of the Americano, has FREE FREE FREE WiFi. Fuck you, Starbucks. And now, without further ado, communicatrix presents… 100 Things the Communicatrix Learned in 2004, Part 2: […]

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Dec 21, 2004 Comments Off on Tale of two cities

Tale of two cities

It is freezing in Chicago. No, literally: the temperature is freezing here in Chicago and should drop down to about 7, that’s s-e-v-e-n, degrees Fahrenheit by Christmas. Without the wind chill. This is a beautiful city, and never more so than around the holidays. The air is clear (a good wind will do that) and […]

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