February 2005

Feb 27, 2005 3

(Felix and) Oscar

Somewhere back in the 1980’s, someone shanghai’d my Oscars® and turned them into a who-cares fest. At least, that’s all I can think after (half-)watching 3+ hours of Hollywood crapping all over the Kodak Theater last night. For too long now, the only thing fun about the Academy Awards® has been the parties, and I […]

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Feb 25, 2005 1

Book review: cheat

If the title wasn’t tipoff enough, the flirty glances between (married) Janey and (also married, but not to Janey) Davis on page four of Christine Norrie’s graphic novel pretty much give it away. As the story opens, Janey and her workaholic husband, Marc, are moving into a new apartment secured for them by their attractive […]

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Feb 24, 2005 2

Alive vs. living

Let me state right up front that I am not anti-television. The fact that I was cable-free for five years post-divorce had more to do with my crack-like addition to television than any moral stance against or disdain for the medium. I just assumed that if more than two and a half channels were viewable […]

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The numbers don’t lie. You can write all you want about life, truth and the pursuit of happiness, the peoples, they just wants their “Project Runway“: Project Runway (Yahoo), project runway (MSN), etc. ad nauseum project runway “vanessa article” (Yahoo),“bravo project runway” vanessa (Google), etc. ad nauseum kara saun fashion week (MSN) music on project […]

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Feb 23, 2005 Comments Off on Project Life, by “Project Runway” Part IV

Project Life, by “Project Runway” Part IV

We’re over the hump on hump day, but those Project Runway/Life Lessons just keep on comin‘… Thanks to all my Wednesday-only readers who have found me via Google, Yahoo!, Technorati and MSN searches. Just so you know, what I know about fashion would fit in my bra, which, were it to be used for the […]

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Wherein I list varous searches that brought various wayward souls to communicatrix-dot-com, most often fruitlessly, and endeavor to provide fruit (or something like that): “powerpoint ella fitzgerald” (Google) As a dead jazz vocalist, Ella Fitzgerald does not use PowerPoint. Additionally, given the timing of her exit and PowerPoint’s entry, I am fairly certain that even […]

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Feb 21, 2005 5

More about me(me)

Being a bossy, self-involved chick who’s all about the unsolicited 411, I’m way lovin’ this this meme from Jon Strande, of 100 Bloggers fame (which reminds me, I must get my butt in gear). What do you do? – Current (commercial) actress. Former (and, for rare clients, current) copywriter. Budding designer. Aspiring communicatrix (a pundit-like […]

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Feb 18, 2005 1

Lilies of Silver Lake

Two of the acting-writing-musical sisterhood have quietly taken up blogging recently. I’ve been quietly reading them right back, letting them fly under the radar rather than subject them to the bright light of my (ahem) dozens of readers all at once. But in addition to my altruistic goal of supporting truth-telling by those whose truths […]

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I’m suspicious of runaway-best-seller fiction. The few times I’ve broken down and grudgingly read it second-hand or leaning against the bookcase at Borders, I’ve invariably been proven right. Oprah’s outreach program notwithstanding, it’s so rare that a truly well-written book appeals to anything but a slim section of the book-buying public that really, it’s safer […]

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In which we continue to draw Life Lessons from this season’s surprise source of integral wisdom (and ripping-good reality TV), “Project Runway.” Lesson 10: There’s No Room for Drama on a Deadline In Episode 4, the designers had to go from working solo to a cluster fuck collaborating in teams! Of three designers each. Mon […]

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