August 2005

Aug 31, 2005 2

Prison Break

A brief quiz: The communicatrix would like FOX’s hot-‘n’-juicy new episodic to kick ratings ass because: (a) The OC jumped the shark and she needs SOMETHING to look forward to, for fuck’s sake (b) it stars a former acting class acquaintance whom she got to kiss once in a scene* and would like to be […]

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As I: (a) must needs wear contacts on occasion to pursue That Hobby That Provides Me With Health Care; (b) am cursed with two of the driest, flattest eyeballs on record; and (c) am rather vocal on the discomfort this combination produces, my long-suffering optometrist has been suggesting for years that I consider punctal occlusion […]

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From a breakdown (character description) for an audition I have tomorrow: Caucasian woman, 35-45. Real with character. Not attractive. They probably have some cute or quirky characteristics, but again, they’re not beautiful. We would love a brunette or dark hair but open to all hair colors. Oh, this is to play a tomato. Yes, really. […]

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Aug 28, 2005 Comments Off on Hot Slut of the Day?

Hot Slut of the Day?

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Me, the Weird Family Mom, originally uploaded by communicatrix. Dear Michael K: As my new-favorite blogging hero, I’m sure you can understand the gi-NOR-mous pressure we bloggers face to produce fresh, tasty posts in […]

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Note to anyone* who ever knew me in my previous incarnation as a copywriter: Dear Former Co-Worker of Mine Who Is Still in Advertising, Boy! Long time, no time, huh? Where are you guys staying now, Shutters? The Viceroy? Or do you eschew the beach and stay in town? Or maybe you go super-downscale and […]

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Aug 18, 2005 Comments Off on It cost me $4 to blog this! (Part 2)

It cost me $4 to blog this! (Part 2)

Things I think the Los Angeles Municipal Traffic Court could still use a little work on after spending (almost) all day here: Stairs you can use during peak elevator time without setting off the alarms and being greeted at your destination by the L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy. More elevators. Lots more electrical outlets. Definitely more […]

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Things I think the Los Angeles Municipal Traffic Court actually got right after spending most of the day here: The chairs in the jury waiting room. Surprisingly comfy, really. Free parking. With in/out privileges! The Magic Badge that gets you to the front of the line. In fact, I think a civilian version of the […]

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Aug 17, 2005 2

How to kill a crab

I’ve been cranky lately. Maybe it’s too much caffeine; maybe it’s too much to do (and no impetus to do it). But I’m getting that weird, itchy, short-fused feeling that happens either when I’m due for a trip out of town (which I am) or I’m in transition (which I am) or I’ve overloaded my […]

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All searches personally inspected for your safety and convenience. Rubik salutation (MSN) “Greetings, dorkmeister!” brain disease when eyes are closed black and white morphing and dancing symptoms are seen ? (AOL) Survey says…Darwinism! designer graphic grocery flyer (Yahoo) Using both the words “designer” and “graphic” very, very loosely. perversity in Shane Alan Ladd (Google) Don’t […]

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Here’s one thing I learned pretty quickly in my capacity as self-taught designer: fonts suck. I mean, fonts RULE, they totally FUCKING rule, but they are delicate and unwieldy and fuck with your OS* like you wouldn’t believe. For years, seven of ’em, as long as I’ve been doing this design stuff, I’ve suffered in […]

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