November 2006

Nov 28, 2006 5

Farewell, Miss Anita

About five or six years ago, I found myself in severely reduced circumstances. The SAG commercial strike and ensuing fallout had eviscerated my bank account; for the first time in a long time, I found myself unable to scrape up the considerable cash required to get my usual cut and color (single-process, nothing fancy) at […]

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Nov 26, 2006 2

I am caffeine’s bitch

In the pantheon of Not Getting Things Done, this weekend was King-Daddy Slackoff. Part of the problem was a profound and unanticipated Need For Rest; another part was Family In Town (which is to say, not a problem at all, these are fun relatives.) The biggest culprit was a return of my old pal, the […]

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Neil Kramer knows that we are nothing without our commenters. And I know I am nothing without Neil Kramer, who is not only one of my more loyal commenters, but one of my most famous, if you count blogging as some kind of fame. And I do. Oh, boy, do I ever. And so, on […]

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Do I make it look easy? It is. And it isn’t. I went through hundreds of photos today, looking for the perfect photo to wrap up this salute. And I found some gems, boy howdy. (The fashions! The hairdos!) But what is most notable in the aggregate (which is the point of this 21-day thing) […]

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As penance for missing another day (what is it about Fridays, anyway?), a fashion bonanza for lovers and haters of that shining hour for fashion, the 1970s. Our first stop? The fireplace dyptych. Whether saluting my love for “plaid”… …or my 1/124th Aztec heritage… …I did it with verve, pluck, and a certain, Chicago-ey je […]

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It’s been interesting noting what I think and feel as I go through these old, medium and less-old photos. Sometimes I’m wonder what I would tell the Colleen of That Particular Past were I given the opportunity. Sometimes I struggle to recall how I felt when the photo was taken, and whether or not I […]

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You know that whole vogueing thing Madonna lifted from the gays back in the 90’s? Fuck Madonna. I didn’t need videos or bustiers to strike a pose; I worked my shit in polyester turtlenecks and matching red barrettes from Walgreens. And those big, elaborate shows she’s so famous for? Ha! Cast your eyes on this, […]

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I make a nice statue, huh? xxx c

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Before my big head overtook my big features, I was a pretty photogenic kid. As proof, I offer up to you the following piece of electrifying photojournalism, from the Chicago Tribune, August 30, 1964: I have no real memories prior to age 3; most of things I call ‘memories’ are just admixtures of other people’s […]

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Nov 12, 2006 Comments Off on Scanning my #$@! photos, Day 14: The hair and sunglass years

Scanning my #$@! photos, Day 14: The hair and sunglass years

I have no words. Except… It cost a lot of 1988 dollars to get my hair looking like that. And no, those are not extensions. xxx c

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