December 2006

For all you OCD types who felt out of whack with a lopsided list, here’s the back 50: Back up your files. Getting to Empty is more of a process than an event. An ongoing process. That goes on and on. I should not even bother trying on a garment which is not charcoal, burgundy, […]

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In what has become sort of a tradition here at communicatrix, we bring you the year in reverse…or perverse…or something like that. Because after all, what is the point of having a whole, entire year if you can’t heave it up at the end and enjoy it again from the beginning? I could live happily […]

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I think this is the first time I’ve been tagged for one of those meme thingys. (Thanks, Jessica. No, really, thanks a lot: I had completely lost the will to blog, and you’ve jogged me out of it, which in addition to being really cool, also rhymes.) I have participated in memes, back before I […]

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Dec 10, 2006 11

Resolved for 2007

Jenny has said she’s not one for resolutions, and I’m with her: pulling “gonnas” out of your ass, as in “I’m gonna quit smoking” or “I’m gonna get in shape” or “I’m gonna quit pulling things out of my ass”, is a recipe for feelings of personal failure and severe depression in the cold, holiday-free […]

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So about three years ago I bought this couch: Big. Red. Room-dominating. Expensive as hell. (What can I say? I was going through a phase about shedding my infernal cheapness. And fuckery. So you see.) Anyway, it was/is a magnificent couch in its way, but it had no business being in my smallish, mid-century apartment. […]

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Dec 3, 2006 Comments Off on the communicatrix elsewhere: How to tell if your New Year’s resolution should be ‘find new career’

the communicatrix elsewhere: How to tell if your New Year’s resolution should be ‘find new career’

I know that as an aspiring actor, my favorite articles were (in order of desirability): pieces crammed full of proven, immediately actionable information from industry insiders interviews with industry insiders full of tips, even if tips were couched in “useless” prose (i.e., extracting said tidbits was up to me); interviews with industry insiders that were […]

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