December 2007

Wrapping up this fine and crazy year in 50 short-to-medium numbered items. If you have OCD or something like that, you might want to read the first 50 short-to-medium numbered items first. I may not be a dog person, but I’m definitely an Arnie person. In every possible figurative sense, my eyes will probably always […]

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Here’s the ugly truth about the current state of independent film: filmmaking may have been democratized by the portable video camera and iMovie, but distribution, the means of getting films by the people, to the people, is still totally FUBAR. No studio dollars, no big marketing push. No marketing bucks, no big release. No big […]

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Hard to believe this is the fourth installment of listy, round-up goodness. However, time cares not what we believe, continuing to march the hell on, regardless. And so, without further ado… Money might spend itself, but it does not reconcile itself in the QuickBooks. Goals, on the other hand, neither make nor complete themselves. No […]

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Dec 16, 2007 15

Pushing back

Sometimes it seems like I resist almost everything. Doing work, certainly. Going to my weekly Toastmasters meeting. Returning phone calls, exercising, taking the recycling down to the basement. But it doesn’t stop there, the stopping. Oh, no. On a given day, I can usually find myself resisting any or all of the following: brushing/flossing/Rotadent-ing my […]

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Dec 9, 2007 4


There are gothic tales of horror all around us, hidden in plain view. I had tastes of several growing up, something about my own, weird upbringing made me very freak-friendly, but I never grokked the way darkness goes hand in hand with light until I moved New York City in the mid-1980s. You would meet […]

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Having worked my way through various careers (i.e., advertising copywriting, TV writing, acting, graphic design), it’s become clear to me what I am not (copywriter, screen/TV writer, actor, designer). And, having spent a fair amount of time now writing (on this here bloggity-blog, among other places) and speaking (at my Toastmasters club, although I’m happy […]

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