August 2008

As alluded to previously, I decided to enter a contest. One where I actually had to make something, and a not-unsubtantial something (because for better or for worse, I am no good at half-assing things). Now, I’m no Orson Welles, hell, in my best ad ho daze, I was no Hal Riney or Mark Fenske, […]

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While I have been noticably AWOL here of late, I’ve been off-the-charts generative in other parts of my life. Even reductive, as necessary. Writing. Designing. Cleaning. Writing. Creating presentations for me to speechify. (Yes, multiple: when it rains, it pours, baby.) Writing off-color songs and performing them before a live audience (use caution with that […]

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You know that thing you do when you’re little? Imagining some Kodak Momentâ„¢ of yourself, surrounded by test tubes, curing cancer? Or pirouetting in yards of tulle before a sold-out crowd? Or addressing the Joint Chiefs of Staff, dressed in tulle, while curing cancer? In just over three weeks, I’m going to be standing up […]

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