Resources for Marketing the One True You (ASMP BaU webinar)

[above] The supremely awesome pitch video for DOG BOWL Kickstarter campaign, by Gordy Hoffman


If you made it here, you’ve very likely watched the webinar “Marketing the One True You” that I did for ASMP’s Business as unUsual series. Although maybe not. Maybe you are a crafty ghost, or an e-pirate, or just a really intrepid internet wanderer who is into marketing-type stuff. Regardless of what brought you here, I salute (and welcome!) you.

I’ve tried to be comprehensive, stopping short of ridiculousness. If there’s something I talked about that’s not listed here, please let me know. If you have additional, kickass resources you think I should share, please let me know those, too.


I hope you got a chance to have any questions answered during the webinar or Facebook chat. If not, the fastest way to get in touch with me is via email: colleen, and then @, followed by the name of this website and then a dot and a com. Also…

  • I’m mostly on Facebook. (Yeah, it’s a big, dumb, lumbering, social media ox, but it’s OUR ox.) Now that there’s a “follow” option, I don’t auto-friend there, just to keep things manageable..
  • You’re welcome to follow me on Twitter, too, but I stopped being awesome there sometime back in 2009; these days, I use it for jokes and news and occasional schadenfreude, although I do monitor and reply to @-replies.
  • I generally hold off on connecting via LinkedIn until I’ve known someone well/long enough to recommend each other’s work. Because I was born in 1961, and am a codger.

There are LOTS of resources below for the extremely frugal and/or skeptical. If you would like more specialized help about what to do next…

A special consulting offer for YOU!

It can be hard to cast an objective gaze on your own marketing. Kind of like changing your mind with your mind. I work one-on-one, over the phone, okay, Skype, with creative entrepreneurs looking to get clarity around any aspect of their marketing, branding, or overall messaging.

So if you’d like some help sussing out whether the truth of you is being translated into the language of them, I can help you see things like:

  • what should stay and what should go on your website
  • why no one is opening your newsletter (or how to even approach the idea of a newsletter)
  • what you’re doing right on social media and what you could do better

Best of all, it is NON-TORTUROUS. It is even fun, most clients have told me. Come confused and tormented, leave with a map and a light. (Not to mention an overwhelming urge to get cracking RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Such is the nature of clarity.)

The cost for all of this lifesaving clarity? $250. Click the PayPal button below. Or, if you’d like to read more, try this.

Newsletters, blogs, books, etc.

I’m a big fan of reading widely, especially outside of your area of expertise. As an old acting teacher used to say, “If you really want to learn about acting, read a book about kayaking.” There are enough similarities between certain high-change industries—music, publishing, photography—that you’ll find great ideas, info and insight about the challenges you face.


Sean Bonner | The Crowd :: As mentioned in the webinar, Sean is a entrepreneur/activist who has had a hand in promoting bike and pedestrian culture, the free web, and too many other awesome things to mention. Seriously. You should just go read about Sean here. And then you should subscribe to his newsletter, an amazing compendium of links on culture, global and local geopolitics, coffee, and all kinds of other extremely important things. Even if it’s not your thing, you will get ideas on how to make your own thing, which is the whole point of all of this.

Bob Lefsetz | The Lefsetz Letter :: A highly colorful, several-times-weekly missive on the rapid changes in the music industry. Very inspiring and lively, with lots of ideas for artists and strongly-worded suggestions for management on what they should be doing to future-proof themselves.

Dave Pell | NextDraft :: A fantastic daily roundup of interesting links—best of the news and culture (with a slight bent towards cutting-edge nerdery) that will help you stay on top of the marketplace and give you much fodder for sharing. It is also proof-of-concept for good marketing: an example of fantastic content and copy.

Daphne-Gray Grant | Power Writing  :: Bi-weekly newsletter from a longtime writer/editor and writing coach, it’s filled with great tools, ideas, and exercises to help you produce the kind of content that connects with people.


If you’re just getting started with this marketing-in-the-new-millenium stuff, start with these:

  • Seth Godin’s blog: King-daddy of “permission marketing” (he coined the term), Seth blogs daily and is a must-read for any maker/creator who
  • The Art of Non-Conformity: Chris Guillebeau is the poster child for Right Marketing, building a substantial empire that offers useful, ethical books and services, and a robust annual conference in Portland for meeting likeminded iconoclasts
  • In Over Your Head: Julien Smith was a first-mover in podcasting, blogging, and social media, and is extremely articulate in translating concepts into actionable principles. He also co-authored my favorite book on social media (until I write mine), Trust Agents, with the equally-sharp (and kind/generous/awesome) Chris Brogan.
  • Derek Sivers: Musician/programmer/entrepreneur who started (and subsequently gave away) CDBaby, his blog is filled with great content (i.e., stories!) on how to approach business, marketing, and life

Random bonus links!

Bonus info/inspirational Link #1Interview with filmmaker Adam Lisagor (aka @lonelysandwich) at The Great Discontent about his journey from NYU film school to internet superstar to internet-tech commercial production company owner.

Bonus free ebook on how to build a popular website with a following from scratch (aka “279 Days”): Chris Guillebeau is one of the smartest people I know at building a following while hewing to personal values. It’s not easy, but as he shows you—for FREE—it is doable.


Note!: I use Amazon affiliate links on my blog to help keep the lights on. Full disclosure is righteous, baby!

*Full disclosure: I wrote the branding and marketing chapters of this book. It’s geared toward photographers in general, but everything is applicable to visual creators in the new media marketplace, whether you’re shooting still or motion.

Social media stuff

The rules of the modern road vary a bit. Here are a few good pointers on being a responsible online citizen. But yes, the web changes fast, and depending upon when you’re reading this, things may have changed. Will have changed. Remember: when in doubt, BE NICE.

Using LinkedIn

Marketing odds & ends

  • The Formula [or, how to write a great, focused “about” page for your prospects]
  • My resources page contains links out to more information than you can shake a stick at. Because I like information and dislike having sticks shaken at it.
  • 95/5 Rule, as outlined by/for/on This should be your ratio of GIVING STUFF vs. ASKING FOR STUFF

Seth Godin stuff

King of the land between old and new media/marketing, he gets his own category.


If you’re looking for more information on how to market and brand yourself using social media and for some reason you hate reading, I highly recommend (with as much modesty possible) watching this 60-minute talk I gave at the original Strictly Business conferences. It’s a couple of years old, so it’s even harder to use social media effectively—so much shouting!—but the framework will help you understand how to use it to your advantage, rather than shooting yourself in the foot (ow!).

Making People Love You Madly: Selling Yourself In A Postmodern Marketplace from ASMP National on Vimeo.