1st year, paper; 5th year...points?

maxpointsAwww...Max (Points, that is), the MyPoints mascot, sent me an anniversary gift of 5 points...one for each year we've been together. What a sport! Actually, I've been looking to dump that pointy-headed loser ever since MyPoints lost its first credit card partner. And as soon as I get enough points for a Macy*s gift card, I'm outta there. Not only did they yank the number-one way to accrue points towards Valuable Merchandise right from under me, they dinged my credit rating by forcing me to find a new major credit card.

So screw them. My new affinity program is Yahoo! Points. They have a rockin' program that nets me gift certs at stores that sell non-tax-deductible necessities like shoes, deep-discount luxury handbags and Cosabella thongs. Of course, as the march for the few to own the many continues, their co-branded card vendor is merging with JPMorgan Chase, so this will likely go to hell in a handbasket next.

But for now, there are only 97 points between me and the cutest little wallet...

xxx c