Gitcher holiday cheer, here

99 peace squad flyerSince I can remember, I've wanted to be taller. After seeing the teeny-tiny contact pads on the stilts I will be performing with for the gloriously crazy-ass new 99¢ holiday operetta, I am reminded of the old adage, "Be careful what you wish for." Still, I would crawl much farther out of my comfort zone for Ken Roht. I'm already shamelessly plugging the show to anyone who'll listen, especially to those who can more effectively spread the word. I'm sure my friend, Rob Kendt, will see/write about it. But I'm also branching out to the hipster-journalist community, or the one member I have contact with, Heseon Park.

Of course, Heseon is way too good a journalist to take my topline word for it. Unsatisfied with the who/what/where/when info, she's forcing me to answer the "why" of it all. In multiple emails, because I'm so damned unfocussed. Which is irritating, but in a good way, because it's always good when someone gets The Spinning Top to focus her thoughts.

So here's the last email in the exchange. I think I've finally figgered out why the show is so damned wonderful:

> is this the third installment in the 99 cent only series?

Yes. Third year in a row.

> why should people come?

First, b/c it's wildly entertaining. Bottom line, I don't think anyone should go to the theater just b/c it's an edifying experience. Entertainment is the price of entry (no pun intended).

Second, b/c like the best art, it connects us to the Source and to each other. Fostering community is an important thing, right?

Third, b/c now, more than ever, we need to surround ourselves to messages of hope and peace and beauty and joy, which this suckah delivers in spades.

> what kinds of people do you anticipate will respond to this show?

Historically, kids have dug it. In fact, if parents do NOT want their child turned on by the prospect of a life in the lively arts, they should avoid this show like the plague. The joy is that infectious.

Beyond that, anyone who's not dead. Seriously. It's that much fun.

It is. I promise. Get over soon. (Info here.) Because you cannot time-shift theater. Especially with a cast of 40+.

xxx c