Holiday hit!

stilts It's official: the "real" media have declared Peace Squad Goes 99: The Greatest 99¢ Only Story Ever Told...Ever!, a.k.a. "the 99¢ show", a hit.

We got a thumbs-up review in today's L.A. Times. There was also an excellent feature in yesterday's Times in which my gal Heseon Park catalogues her 99¢ experience from the Wine Tasting Station (not her favorite thing) to the show itself. If you subscribe to Calendar Live, you can find the article there. (And no, I'm not going to link to those cheap bastards; make the content freely available and I'll link your asses seven ways to Sunday.)

And, hooray, the communicatrix gets quoted:

What's it like wearing plastic-and-vinyl costumes for your art?

"You just have no idea how wet underclothes can get until you have done back-to-back perfs of a 99¢ show," says Colleen Wainwright, who plays a stiltwalking mom in the village.

Yup. Proof of stilts part of the equation above.

Get those tickets now. You've been warned...

xxx c