You need more Scarlett in your life

One of the pleasures of working on the 99¢ show has been the amazing people I've gotten to meet from the cast and crew. Now one of those divine creatures is looking for a post-99 berth, and since she is such a remarkable young woman, I feel it my duty to the world to let it know that she is available. From Miss Scarlett:

Good Morning!

This is Scarlett Riley, O-Lan's niece, writing to let everyone know that I'm on the prowl for a paying position in the world. I'm here to develop my writing and my new-found love for the theater. I'm adaptable in any business situation. Coincidentally, I also consider myself to be a fast learner. I'm looking for any job in which I can be useful and challenged. Word of mouth got me my current part time job as a personal assistant-I thought I'd try my luck again. I'm also looking for a room for rent/studio if any of you know of a space avilable. If you hear of anything at all that reminds you of me please let me know and keep my number in mind. xxx-xxx-xxxx. This is my mobile phone where I can be reached at all times. Hope all is well and you have a very joyful holiday season!

Sincerely, Scarlett E. Riley

I cannot recommend young Scarlett enough, both as a worker and a Genuine Human Being. Sharp as a tack and sweet as pie, she always goes that extra mile, has an incredibly strong work ethic and a terrific attitude and skill set to match. If her understanding of text and theater is any example, I'll bet she's a kick-ass writer, to boot.

I wish I had both job and an apartment to give Scarlett, but since I do know a few people in Los Angeles via this and my other blog, I figure maybe one of my larger circle of L.A. friends and acquaintances can help.

I've blacked out her cell phone number because I feel funny broadcasting it without her permission, but contact me at communicatrix at gmail etc and I'll put you in touch.

And really, I can promise you this: if you help out Scarlett, especially job-wise, you're doing yourself the favor.

Happy holidays!

xxx c