speak Not only does my friend, Mat, have an encyclopedic knowledge of music, fine art and drama (from consumption, folks, not book learnin'), he's also an artist himself.

For several years now, he has created tiny puppet people of all types just because. They're insanely detailed, especially considering how small they are: most fit in my hand, and Mat, a tall, rangy type, has far larger (if more dextrous) fingers.

I'm gonna have to ask Mat's permission before I devote one of my TypePad photo albums to his work, but since he sent me this latest photo of my little ME, I figure I'm allowed to show it off if I like. Apparently inspired by me on stilts, which I especially love. (I didn't actually wear my glasses as the Weird Family Mom, but this is exactly how I felt at 7'2", for sure.)

Thanks, Mat. Now let's get back to our regularly scheduled lives as art observers.

Next stop, the Chocolate Room.

xxx c