Hot chicks, cool cats - 20 bucks

My theater company, Evidence Room, turned 10 this year. We're celebrating with a kick-ass event/show/party tonight, tomorrow and Sunday: a live radio-concert restaging of our hit pulp/noir classic, No Orchids for Miss Blandish, by James Hadley Chase. Lots of cocktails, live music and aforementioned hot chicks/cool cats (theater company + L.A. = lots of good-looking people) and a killer show.

And in case you're not a regular, we also lay claim to the coolest party space in Los Angeles. No lie, Cy.

I'll be there tonight, with bells on. And heels. And a private stash, if you know the secret password...

xxx c

evidEnce room presents a speakeasy radio-play concert celebration: NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH by James Hadley Chase Fri - Sun, Feb 11-13 @ 8pm at evidEnce room 2220 Beverly Blvd (at Alvarado) Tickets $20 Info/Reservations: (213) 381-7118