Lilies of Silver Lake

Tiny_doTwo of the acting-writing-musical sisterhood have quietly taken up blogging recently. I've been quietly reading them right back, letting them fly under the radar rather than subject them to the bright light of my (ahem) dozens of readers all at once.

But in addition to my altruistic goal of supporting truth-telling by those whose truths the world would do well to hear, I've also got a selfish one: I like to read what I like to read. And I like to read my girls.

LilyLife is the work of a stunning young lady (that's "Ms. Lily Life" to you) who became a good friend during the Great Heartbreak of '02, and then, a few months later, during my incarceration at Cedars Sinai, a great one. Instead of the usual flowers for which I had no vases, Ms. LL showed up with lavender spray to combat hospital stink, a cache of Supersize-Me granny panties for my prednisone-swollen lower half (man, is it freaky going from skeletal to jiggly in the space of 24 hours), and, best of all, a sunny smile in place of the look of horror I'd grown used to, thereby winning my undying gratitude.

We've been mutual admirers ever since and I'm still discovering lovely new things about her all the time. Like that she can write her ass off, man, not a quality you'd expect upon encountering her sweet, hippy-dippy demeanor. (On the other hand, she drinks her single-malt neat and most of us under the table, so I guess maybe I should have had a clue.) She's also a fellow Virgo, a fellow generalist, not nearly as much of a geek (thank god) and a much, much better actor.

VardamomVarda is your hostess over at Messy Humans. She is quite tall and very pretty and wisely leaves her picture out of the picture so people can get to concentrating on her smart, good sentences. I've not known her as long as I have Ms. LL, but I already like what I've seen so far, from her fabulous house in Silver Lake (complete with terrific kid, adorable husband, foxy furnishings and enjoyable menagerie) to her pianner-playin' and singin'. Frankly, it irks me a little that she can write, too, but hey, when someone's that good at it, you can't stay mad long.

So I invite you all to get acquainted with one another: ladies, blogosphere; blogosphere, ladies. That you keep each other interested and enthused about life and love and really good writing is my wish for you.

And as you all know, here at communicatrix, it's alllll about me...