More about me(me)

Being a bossy, self-involved chick who's all about the unsolicited 411, I'm way lovin' this this meme from Jon Strande, of 100 Bloggers fame (which reminds me, I must get my butt in gear).

  • What do you do? - Current (commercial) actress. Former (and, for rare clients, current) copywriter. Budding designer. Aspiring communicatrix (a pundit-like position I imagine will fuse all of these, way, shape or form, TBD).
  • What are the challenges? - Keeping my head from exploding.
  • How do you overcome them? - By excluding from my life that which is neither useful nor beautiful.
  • What is a typical day like? - No such thing, really, allthough a "median" day might include an audition, some writing, a bit of design work and, hopefully, some form of head-clearing stuff: a walk, a trip to the gym, a lie-down...
  • How do you manage information? (Email, Blogs, etc) - TypePad hosts my blog, love that UI! I like Entourage for my main email and use gmail and Yahoo! accounts for public interface. I swear by the bucket method of brain emptying/information collection that David Allen outlines in the most excellent Getting Things Done; my Palm and the lined notebook(s) I always carry with me are my main buckets. I use NewsFire for my RSS feeds locally and Bloglines on the road. I am a geek; I make no apologies for this...
  • What are your 3 or 5 favorite books The Artist's Way - life change ain't easy, but it's always worth it Factotum - Buk is my go-to guy when I'm feeling blue The Razor's Edge - I gave my crappy honors thesis novella the same title out of undying undergrad lust for Maugham Bread and Jam for Frances - if you've got a kid, go buy it; if you don't, go buy it anyway Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life - whether or not you believe in feng shui, you must admit that to focus intention on something changes it...and I got two checks for $10,000 each when I focused on my kitchen/prosperity bagua
  • What are your favorite web sites/blogs? I'm always happy when I see updates to the feeds from Gawker, michaelnobbs-dot-com and Crossroads Dispatches. I wish 2Blowhards had a feed.
  • What tools/technology do you use? - PowerMac G5 (mostly Photoshop, Quark XPress, Final Draft and MS Word), G4 PowerBook
  • What's your favorite quote? - "Every valuable human being must be a radical and a rebel for what he must aim at is to make things better than they are." , Niels Bohr
  • What is your "secret to success"? - You don't have to be the brightest kid on the block if you're willing to work ten times harder than the one who is.
  • What are your greatest accomplishments? Personal? Professional? - Learning to live in the present.
  • What are your hobbies? Or, how do you break the monotony and stay energized? - After too many years of tedium, I'm happy to report that there is no monotony in my life. But when I need a break, I bust out the guitar, the sketchbook (this is a new one, for which I owe a debt of gratitude to Michael and Brenton), take a long walk or unplug and curl up with a book. The thing that energizes me most is connecting with kindred spirits, a long talk with one of my gals, a birthday party for which fifty of my closest friends come out on a school night, being in the loving arms of a brilliant cast in a genius piece of art.

Grab the Q's, add your own A's (on your own blog, if you fancy, or in the comments if you don't). Don't forget to trackback me and Jon if you're a bloggin' baby.

In other words, share the love. In case you hadn't heard, it's the answer...

xxx c