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searchesLike the Big Man (sort of) said, "Suffer the little searchers to come unto me"... Children with night terrors on Jan 19, 2005 (Yahoo)

It was a dark and stormy, seriously, if it was January, it was probably pouring out here. That scares the kids, especially if they've never seen a snowstorm. Oh, wait...never mind.

Of course, if you're really dealing with screaming children waking themselves and you up in the middle of the night, you might try rewording your search and adding some strategically placed quotation marks. And if you live in Ontario, the Waterloo meetup group looks promising.

But whatever you do, stay away from For god's sake, Article 38.2, item "A" in our charter explicitly states, "Scare the children, wherever possible."

ethics in biology article november 2004 (Yahoo)

Wow. When Evelyn and I get to gabbing, we really cover some ground, don't we?

big mom woo woo (Yahoo)

Yes. Exactly.

"Flow my tears" "evidence room" tickets (Google)

Here's you, 12 months from now: "Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said? Why, that's the Philip K. Dick at Evidence Room that I heard tell about on communicatrix. ... How many awards? ... What state of undress? ... Illicit narcotics and dancing girls with loose morals, you say? ... Damn, sounds like I should've gone."<

Don't want this to be you? Okay, then. Call (213) 381-7118 now (NOW!) for tickets to what will surely be the hottest show this season (in Los Angeles, under $25).

And be sure to leave a nice message about how pretty you think the new website that Jen & I did is.

only the worlds water headlines, not information (MSN)

I know what you mean. It gets so tedious, wading through endless articles when all I want is a quick water fix.

notes of cary town meeting november 2004 (Yahoo)

Man, I love me a wired town. Oh, wait, they came here looking for those notes.

Never mind.

ass fuck pessin with fuck (Yahoo)

Naughty, naughty!

And no, you'll have to type in that saucy link yourselves.

And for that charmer I caught trolling for kiddie porn, if I catch you again, I'm turning in your IP address to the FBI.

define chacon a son gout (Google)

It's when that certain je ne sais quoi collides with comme ci, comme ça, mon petit chou. (Like, le "duh.")

graphic designer overdue bills (MSN)

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