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searchesWherein the communicatrix cheerfully delivers the elusive goods for the boolean-challenged. ben folds crohns (Google)

It's hard to discern your purpose, wandering puppy. If you're looking for the self-proclaimed "Only Ben Folds Fan With Crohn's Disease," you'll find him here (although since the release of Has Been, he can no longer claim that title). Ben Folds also played at the same pier where "Sippin' By The Pier," a wine-and-beer tasting benefitting the Philly chapter of Puppet Organization to the Pharmaceutical Leviathan, the CCFA, was held. Perhaps you're confusing Ben Folds with Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, who finally came out about his Crohn's in 2003 and unfortunately (and, I'm sure, unwittingly) became a spokesperson for the Dark Side. But as far as I can tell, Ben Folds does not have Crohn's. Maybe it was just something he ate.

love my frye boots (Google)

Wow. That's hard core. I mean, I loved my (knockoff) Frye boots back in high school, but I've never felt compelled to beer google them to see what they're up to these days.

why does blood come out from the butt (Yahoo) can't go in? Seriously, dude, there are certain cases where self-diagnosis is a really bad idea. This example being chief among them.

Write to change your life (Yahoo)

My undying competitive streak forces me to interject that the communicatrix came up FIRST in this interesting Yahoo! search.

So, hail, fellow (or girly), and well met. A quick poke around the web turned up a few interesting free sites that will take you through a writing workout. I'd also recommend browsing your local bookstore's writing section to see if you find something inspiring, Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones is nice, and of course, The Artist's Way will take you on a big motherhumpin' writer's journey.

use of efudex on lips (MSN)

Efudex? Man...are you sure you wouldn't rather use a nice tube of Cherries in the Snow?

naked pictures of kirstie alley (MSN)

Back. Away. From. The. Computer.

100 bloggers jon strande (Yahoo)

Okay, folks. This is the book that Evelyn got me invited to submit to. Some, er, time ago. And I've been nothing but bad bad bad about selecting my essay for inclusion. So here's me asking you: which of the communicatrix's many rants (and/or raves) would best serve the book's stated goal of getting the uninitiated clued in to the wonderful world of blogging.

Columbo Lesson Plans (Yahoo)

1. Buy raincoat...

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