"I hate taxes, Charlie Brown!"But they're done, and I've learned oh-so much from the experience.

  1. There is a diminishing rate of returns on the cafe Americano and it starts at #3.
  2. "Nip & Tuck" cannot decide whether it wants to celebrate the shallow or comment on it.
  3. "Law & Order" knows exactly what it is: the most excellent of all background noise.
  4. No matter how good your records, the mileage fairies will always desert you in your time of need.
  5. When they do, a Ketel One on the rocks (with a twist!) works wonders.
  6. I will never, ever have enough medical receipts to qualify for a deduction.
  7. When you're halfway through your check register, cleaning the toilet seems like a fun alternative.
  8. When you're halfway through your Visa statements, gum surgery seems like a fun alternative.
  9. No matter how many receipts you save, you will wind up with half the amount you need to actually break even.
  10. Next year, I am Quicken's bitch.


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