Searches, we get searchesâ„¢

searchesOh, my babies...I know I've been remiss. Two whole weeks without an edition of "Searches"! Fortunately, the Googlers have been out in full force this week. Thank you, my little lost souls. May you all find your respective ways...just as soon as you've provided sufficient fodder for Friday's mill.

origin of word Happy (Yahoo)

Sneezy, Grumpy & Doc tire of dreaming up new epithets for their Prozac-popping sibling.

Ex-boyfriend, naked photos create web of woe for girl (Yahoo)

When journalists Yahoo themselves...

What it take to make a happy family (Yahoo)

Damned if I know, but whatever it is, I'll bet it's the same for all of them.

"do do that" grammatically correct (Google)

Just because it's grammatically correct doesn't make it polite.

red kryptonite class ring (Yahoo)

What Superman will not be wearing to his 10-year reunion.

"the late great Louise Fitzhugh" (Google)

Gotta love someone who conducts even their searches with respect.

"Love changes everything" graphic by Lady Virgo (Google)

Except, perhaps, the ability to find a graphic uploaded by the elusive astrological illustratrix.

hanro blogger (Google)

"And then on Friday, I spent another $50 on this other supercute pair of panties. And then on Saturday..."

bijal is a liar (Google)

And, as if that weren't bad enough, he's nowhere to be found. Perhaps he fled the building when he discovered his pants were on fire...

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