Searches, we get searchesâ„¢

searchesWhile I am busy sitting on my keister, not practicing piano, dozens of people are out there searching for knowledge... Kossack cheat mode (Google)

Ah ah ah...cheaterskis never prosperski!

eunuch sundance channel (Google)

Okay, I've heard of the fragmenting of the cable universe, but this is ridiculous.

fancy lala transparency (Yahoo)

What the well-dressed overhead projector is wearing this year.

french swears zut alors (Google)

For ze not-so-naughty parlez-er...

coastal girl in skin tight mini dress pantyhose heels feeling kryptonite (AOL)

The poetry slam is two doors down, pal.

99 Seat Theaters For Sale In, Los Angeles, CA (Google)

For the love of all that's holy: Back. Away. From. The. Checkbook.

Orange,colleen (Google)

Okay, now you're just plain freaking me out, here.

online television xxx chanel (Google)

Oooo, baby...I love it when you wear that bouclé knit g-string...

"substitute for polenta" (MSN)

And communicatrix is the sole source on the interwebs! Touchdown!

sexy toenail long polish beauty pretty photo gallery (Yahoo)

Why do they have to be Polish?

powerbook G4 15 "smokin hot" (Google)

Oooo, baby...I love it when you talk dirty to me...

xxx c