Weekly roundup

Panda_wahAnother busy week here at Rancho Communicatrix, but I still managed to squeeze in a little pointless surfing. Enjoy!

I saw Wendy Wahman's illustration in this Sunday's LA Times Book Section and felt compelled to look her up. Award-winning sample above left; many more pretty pictures to see here.

Regular Salon columnist Heather Havrilesky gives good advice column, among other things. And this week, she got busy while I got lazy. A veritable mother lode of good new posts up on rabbitblog; this rambling discourse on discovering one's true self (in the guise of a reply to a highly scrambled individual's plea for help) is my fave.

My favorite fug-leaks detail the subtly horrific malcostumings of the horrifically smug. And yes, I know this makes me a small and petty asshat, but that Marisa, she's always rubbed me the wrong way. And now, her fugly, too-tight prom dress is doing the same to her. (Insert Nelson Muntz laugh here.) [via go fug yourself]

Possibly the greatest t-shirt ever. [via Cool Hunting]

Who doesn't like a nice photobooth strip? [via BoingBoing]

I have a new favorite cocktail lounge and it's called the Buggy Whip. Read my post on blogging.la for more hot, faux-Tudor action.

And finally, after his hilarious post on blastocysts and the inanity of the Religious Wrong, I have a total liberal schoolgirl crush on The Rude Pundit. Sigh...dreamy... [via Eschaton, which I really should read more often]