Weekly roundup

Tshirtjay_1Okay, so I completely fell off the face of the earth this week. And I don't have highly advanced piano skills to show for it and my kitchen floor still looks like the site of a three-week dust-bunny-and-honey humpfest and I sure as hell didn't have a lot of %#@*(& auditions. Oh, and a shoot for Monday fell apart (actually, exploded in my face), I saw no movies and most of my time seems to have been spent waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, visions of my future, penniless life pushing a shopping cart around the sun-baked streets of downtown Los Angeles swirling in my head until break of day.

On the upside, L.A. Jan booked a choice role on a big movie via a HUGE casting director (he's repped by ICM, for chrissakes) who is now head over heels in love with her (as well he should be) so I'm pretty sure I can ride her coattails to glory sometime soon.

In other events, I whipped together a choice new flyer for a little show going to Edinburgh with nothing but spit and good will, let go of five pairs of pants that fit me 10 pounds ago (netting a little cash into the bargain) and kicked some acting ass in my first scene back in acting class after a year's absence. So, in the words of the inimitiable Carl Spackler, I got that goin' for me...which is nice.

Tshirtcaitlin_1But boyoboyo, has the wide, wide world of web been hoppin' this week! Lotsa good reading, peeps...if you can't make it out to the parade this weekend, I've got you covered...

Fat: The Final Frontier. Michael Blowhard initiates another fascinating dialogue on 2 Blowhards, a site I always wonder why I don't visit more often until I realize the Blowhards stubbornly resist creating an RSS feed. Damn your Luddite eyes!

Nifty punctuation hack (for persnickety punctuators like the communicatrix) from famous screenwriter John August, who is truly the poster child for smart, accomplished people selflessly giving back to the community.

This handy-dandy site on cracking the Priceline.com code makes my frugal, deal-hunting heart beat wildly with joy. [via Women's Wall St. newsletter]

Seth Godin knows that small is the new big.

Tshirtseth_1Kozy & Dan do some nice illustration. Mmm-hmm. [via Cool Hunting]

Sean Bonner, in addition to being an incredibly accomplished overachiever, is also frequently hilarious.

These folks are way too cool for any fucking school I've ever been to. [via Boing Boing]

Finally, the ultimate electronic tribute in this, the age of ironic clothing: the t-shirt obit site. RIP, ETHS Wildkits tee... [via Que Sera, Sera, home of some fine, read-worthy writing, via Dooce, the queen-mama-blogger of us all]

Enjoy your weekend, peeeeeeple!