Weekly roundup

RobberscThe communicatrix has been busy losing focus applying her multiple skills in other needed arenas lately, the details and location of which she may share with you soon in an upcoming missive.

In the meantime, enjoy yourself trotting around to the places I've already seen. Take a snap or two! Send one back to the c-trix! Let her know how you've enjoyed the scenery! And share those hotspots you've been to yourself that you think she might enjoy! The communicatrix is heavily into enjoying herself.

Except, of course, when she's beating herself up for her lack of productivity, something Merlin Mann addresses in a great post this week about shaking yourself out of a rut. He also points to an Open Loops post with lots more tips, but truthfully, they got a wee bit too Tony Robbins for me. [via 43 Folders, the productivity pr0n freak's best friend]

Unintentionally (we can only hope) hilarious translated subtitles on bootleg copies of the new Star Wars dreck. [via BoingBoing]

Army_tableSpeaking of BoingBoing, i liked this inventive use for dollar-store army men enough to try and get it out to a wider audience, but they didn't like it enough to post it. Oh, well, the crafters will have to drum up their own P.R. [via the craftster blog, which I'm adding to my list of feeds even though the craftiest I get is gluing magnets to the backs of my remotes so they're always there on my file cab.]

More genius advice served up with wit and élan from the rabbit, a.k.a. Heather Havrilesky. [via Rabbit Blog]

Ad_danceJennifer Ogren is my kind of designer: one who came to it later, after doing something really useful first like getting a B.A. in Sociology. She's got some nice samples up on her site, like the poster, right. She's also got some honest-to-jeezus art for sale tonight here in L.A. at C-Note, an art show by project:, whose stated goal is to "(bring) together the best elements of art, music, technology and culture to form a constantly evolving experience." So there. Entry fee is ten bucks and the lure is aforementioned fusion of goodies, along with art for a hundred bucks a throw. Groovy stuff from Luke Chueh as well, although not the glorious "Polishing My Grill" (below, right); it's sold, and probably for a lot more than a c-note. [via Daily Candy]

PolishingmygrillAnd speaking of affordable art, may I recommend my new favorite artist, Ferris Plock? He has an embarrassment of arty riches up on his site, but I flipped for his "Robbers" series, enough so that I have an inquiry out on "Robber(s) C" (tippy-top, left). If I hadn't gotten the mother of all moving violations tickets this week, I'd have bids out on several pieces from this series, the style of which calls to mind the delightfully demented drawings of my old friend, Tim Souers (who has a couple of little somethings up on Sally Horchow's site), and not a little Edward Gorey. So little money, so much art to acquire... [via Flavorpill]