Searches, we get searchesâ„¢

searchesThey're baaaack... x.x.x on yore television (Yahoo)

Fer nekkid ladies in yore livin rume.

Circuit Diagram of Back Lit Large Digit Caller ID with Call Waiting (Yahoo)

Ah, yes...from my series of posts on the relative merits of LCD vs. LED...

argo starch weight gain (Google)

The communicatrix recognizes that pure starch, branded or otherwise, will pack on the el-bees if that's what you're after. However, it is highly SCD-non-compliant, so she recommends saving it for your shirts, and opting for the half-and-half yogurt with chopped liver chaser instead. Atkins-friendly, too!

use krazy glue on plantar warts (Google)

Unless the plantar wart is on the top of your contruction helmet which you are trying to attach to an I-beam, don't.

kossack erotic art (Google)

Which predates "the commie sutra."

Jane Kaczmarek in pantyhose (Google)

"Ooo, yeah, slip into a pair of those suntan control-tops and call me 'daddy'..."

"waikiki"+"photo"+"balcony"+"woman"+"sucking" (Yahoo)

I bow to the specificity of fetish.

bbw over 750 pounds (Google)

Less odd to find this search landing someone here than it is cheering to know I'll have someone lusting after me if I remain on the half-and-half-yogurt-with-chopped-liver-chaser diet.

funny clip art,intilectual women (dogpile)

Uh-oh, looks like the Religious Right is up to they're wacky hijinx again!

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