I'm not drunk, I'm just resting

PaddyofurnitureDear Readers,

Whew! This place sure does look dusty, huh? And kind of empty and stuff, too. Oh, well. Why don't we all just think of it as "broken-in", like some gross polyester shirt where the sweaty smell is totally burned into the fibers and gets released when you get a little warm under the arms but that you can't get rid of because (a) it smells fine right after you wash it so this time for sure you got the stink out and (b) even if you didn't, it's the only thing you have to wear when they ask for Casual Business Attire?

I know, I know, it's my fault. I got a little distracted by my glamorous, "real" world life doing stuff like "grocery shopping" and "cleaning" and "working" for certain "people" who shall remain nameless but produce a certain well-known theater festival in Scotland where apparently they have nothing better to do than drink a lot of local product and fire off insulting emails to American graphic designers.

Well, that's part of it anyway. Truth is, this here blogging is hard work sometimes, and every so often, the communicatrix just needs a little "me" time to do something rejuvenating, not to mention a little R&R with The BF like spending five days in 110º weather to shoot footage for his reel and driving down to Long Beach during rush hour to buy patio furniture from some desperate guy we found on Craig's List and drinking lots of tequila and passing out on the patio furniture helping The BF clean out his entire house.

But now the tequila is gone I am rested and refreshed and ready to jump back into things. Once more into the breach, dear friends, right? (Hahaha! I just made an obscure English war reference! Take that, stupid Scottish people!)

Anyway, the communicatrix has puh-lenty of interesting news and stuff in store for both of you, so don't forget to tune in to see all that cool news and stuff. Like for instance some, um, work-type stuff. And some...idea-y type stuff, too. And a bunch of other...things. And stuff.

So come back, okay?




*$175 for the attractive five-piece wrought-iron set you see here, including umbrella and petunias! $175?!? I mean, come on, you'd pay that for the umbrella alone! Kiss my ass, Wal-Mart! Power to the people!**

**This reminds me of my second-favorite joke: What's green and rusts if you leave it out in the rain? Paddy O'Furniture!