The Daily Cosmic Shoutout

It should be no surprise to regular readers of the communicatrix that I'm a big fan of things woo-woo. Of course, I'm also a product of a heap-load of book-learnin', two atheist grandparents and have spent a lot of time around skeptics, so I haven't quite drunk the Kool-Aid, at least, not full-strength. Basically, I'd characterize my relationship to the wooX2 as one of cautious optimism, much like my relationship to alcohol and my daily horoscope. Anyway, I'm knee-deep in a serious newage-y book right now, which I've blogged about here, of all places, already. It's called Creating Money; it's written by two people channeling a spirit. Yes, I know that's nuts; no, I don't care. It's a good (if snoreburgerly earnest) book, full of good, sound advice, even if it's Dr. Laura channeling Casper the Friendly Motherfucking Ghost.

There's woo-woo recipes for actually attracting money, but I'm not a chanter or a meditator. In fact, having read the bulk of the book, I'm not even sure I need to be worrying about creating money so much as I need to identify what it is that makes me think I need so much of it in the first place. I like my life; hell, I love it...all of it, my home, my crazy hodge-podge of jobs, my sister, my boyfriend, my prodigious pile of Stuff.

Hence my decision to institute in public what I've been in and out of the habit of doing in private: say thanks. Thanks for my health, my car, my amazing collection of friends. Thanks for my orangey-red toenail polish and the twenty complete and perfect digits with/upon which I apply it. Thanks for my Q-Tips. Thanks for finding them on sale. Thanks for frequent flyer miles, Sunday coupons and the 99¢ store.

You get the drill.

So starting today, every day, I'm thanking the cosmos, the Big Gal, the All-That-Is for my stuff. Sarah Ban Breathnach, who wrote a really nifty book on learning to appreciate the small stuff, suggests five items per day, and since Oprah dug on it (her favorite book of 1996!!), it must be right.

Since I want to launch this mother with a bang, I'm doing a fancy, Flickr! list to start with. I may do other groovy, list-y things like my friend, Michael Nobbs; I may have days where I can barely drag myself to the computer to type out the five things. Some of the posts may be on the snarky side; some may be revoltingly earnest. My goal is five things per day, every day, out loud & proud (except in those rare cases where I really, truly have no internet access, and then I'll take it offline).

Don't know how long it will last; long enough to seed the gratitude habit, I hope.

And with that, I thank you for playing along...

xxx c

UPDATE: Partly in reaction to current events of late and partly because I don't want weeks to pass when the only thing people see on c-trix is a thank you sign and cryptic lists full of seemingly random stuff, I've moved the DCSo to another site. Go or don't. Peace, out.