Hot Slut of the Day?

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Me, the Weird Family Mom, originally uploaded by communicatrix.

Dear Michael K:

As my new-favorite blogging hero, I'm sure you can understand the gi-NOR-mous pressure we bloggers face to produce fresh, tasty posts in a timely fashion.  Why, it's exhausting, I tell you! Frankly, I don't know how you do it, but you are, as you would say, one hot slut and we're all just lucky to be living in your world.

Anyway, I'm thinking that if you made me Hot Slut of the Day, my bitches might forgive my shameful lack of hot, juicy posts recently. Hell, they'd probably be excited just to see me make the Birthday Sluts list; if you want to do that, my birthday is coming up fast, September 13th! Can you believe that shit? Crazy, right?

Anyway, you wouldn't even have to use my picture or anything, but if you wanted, you could use this hott shot of me on stilts my friend, Ken, just emailed me. Hott, right?

Thanks, and keep that DList action going.


P.S. Are you really a porn model? That's hott!