Prison Break

A brief quiz: The communicatrix would like FOX's hot-'n'-juicy new episodic to kick ratings ass because:

(a) The OC jumped the shark and she needs SOMETHING to look forward to, for fuck's sake

(b) it stars a former acting class acquaintance whom she got to kiss once in a scene* and would like to be able to brag about without having to explain who he is

(c) the hopelessly juvenile in her gleefully anticipates people calling it "Pee Break"

(d) who doesn't like a good prison story, dammit?

(e) all of the above

xxx c

*For the record, while he was a very good kisser, there were no sparks on either side; it was strictly a "duty" kiss**.

**I said "duty".

Image of the glorious Wentworth Miller in Prison Break via FOX's official Prison Break website and lots of snapshot-taking and Photoshop re-configuring because the #@$%&*(s did it all in Flash, damn their eyes.