Weekly roundup

What I read while I shoulda been workin':

What is more cruel than the love of your life dumping you three days after you give her a six-month anniversary mixtape of loooove? The Internet.
[via metafilter]

As Seth Godin points out, at Lord & Taylor, your first taste is free...

Whoever says science and poetry don't mix hasn't read the periodic table of haiku.
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In the piercing world, Prince Albert doesn't always come in the can, but the customer is always perverted.
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John August gets really honest about Hollywood, the green-eyed leech and the need to cut people loose.

Note to all my friends who are more than two years away from retirement, still in advertising and haven't scaled back their consumption yet: you have been warned.
[Seth Godin strikes again, as reported by Hugh MacLeod on gapingvoid]

Me wanna wiki.
[via Lifehacker]

A most wonderfully eloquent paean to Hank Williams on the anniversary of his birth, by Tony Pierce.

Now, get back to work!


Photo: "Chain" by JaundisElf via Flickr