Poker? Liquor? I don't even know her!

Having wrapped our photo shoot just hours ago, I can finally reveal the reason behind my crazed exhaustion of late: Introducing...THE MONSTER CHIP!

That's right, poker fans. Just in time for the holidays, poker chip drink coasters that card sharps and style hounds alike can groove on.

And these ain't no crappy, mouse-pad material sponge jobbies. They're big and fat and gorgeous, with inserts designed by yours truly, the communicatrix, to celebrate all that is biker, poker, and Vegas, baby, Vegas! Manufactured with High-Quality Composite Material through a Patented Process, The Monster Chip coasters have the look and heft of real poker chips...only big enough to hold your drink, dude. You think they look cool? Wait until you hold one in your hand.

They're the brainchild of one of my former Groundlings Sunday Company pals, Mark Thomas Miller, who oversaw every step of The Monster Chip creation, from inception to production, with plenty of yelling at wise ply-the-designer-with-food-and-high-end-booze tactics in between.

Anyway. They're beautiful, they're useful, and they're going to be sold at an eminently reasonable price point.

Hey...I'll drink to that!

xxx c