10 reasons why Elizabethtown may be the best movie of 2005

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  1. Proves once and for all that an actual script is not necessary to secure major financing.
  2. Replaces ho-hum filmic "tricks" like plot and character development with highly illustrative musical montages.
  3. If you don't like the ending, you can wait around five minutes and there will be another one. Twice.
  4. Will rid your boyfriend of that pesky crush he's had on Kirsten Dunst.
  5. Will rid you of that pesky crush you've had on Legolas.
  6. Not enough quirky romantic comedies invoke the memory of Martin Luther King in the name of cheap emotional credibility.
  7. Will ensure that no one accidentally spends tourist dollars in hillbilly flyover states for years to come.
  8. Provides much-needed outlet for Susan Sarandon to show off her famed facility with broad physical comedy.
  9. Overproduced website provided much needed salary and health benefits for at least two code monkeys and a web designer.
  10. Provides the communicatrix with a much-needed outlet to vent her considerable spleen.

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