Sleep eludes me

47564397_d84da66378It is Birthday Week here at my country house, a.k.a. The BF's pad. To celebrate Day 4 of it, I just sprinted downstairs with the trash while The BF snoozed away in bed, where all normal people who were up until 1am four nights in a row should be.

I see you people out there, with your fitness and your dog walking and I wonder: how do you do it? I mean, I used to do it; I did it for most of my life. If commercial work continues to dry up at this pace, I may well be doing it next year. But right now, I wonder how you do it? How do you get yourself in bed early enough to get yourself up at this hour? Who are all these people watching Letterman and Leno? How the hell do they drag their asses through a day of actual work on less than six hours of sleep? How do they get themselves to sleep, period?

The only way sleep happens for me anymore is if I run myself down to exhaustion. I've approached it with the past several days' activity, working on the weekends, running around to movies and events on school nights. And yet, I can't even nap. I mean, technically I have the time to nap, but when I lie down to take one, the three-year-old in me who doesn't want to miss any of the action takes over and bam!, I'm wide awake.

So the only thing to do is get up and work. (Don't kid yourself, blogging is work, just with really sucky pay and no health benefits.) Work yourself into tired. Write something really boring on your blog. Maybe find a Flickr photo to go with it. And occasionally, glance out the window at all the industrious people jogging and driving to jobs that actually do have health benefits and pretty soon (yawn) you start (yaaaaaawn) to...

Thanks, everyone. I think I can sleep now.



Flickr photo by maggie3000