A Song of Thanksgiving, Part 6: My Crohn's Disease

cscope 0904

Have you ever been sick? Really, really sick, the kind where you and God enter into heavy negotiations?

Do you remember how for the first few days you feel well after being sick, you appreciate your health for what seems like the first time, ever?

That's what happened to me after my acute onset of Crohn's...times ten. I've written about it before, but it merits repeating: the gift that my disease gave me was nothing less than my happiness. I have nothing but gratitude for my illness (and the people who helped me through it, too, of course).

Not that I'd wish it on anyone else. One of my main hopes in writing this blog is that I might help one or two other people find their own happiness without having to go through quite as much blood and toilet paper.

But on this day of Thanksgiving, I think it's appropriate to give the biggest cosmic shout-out to my wacky colon for all that it gave me. And, um, continues to give me every single day, with delightful regularity.