There are things I love about the holidays (the music, the shows, the decorations, the emphasis on gathering with loved ones) and there I things I don't like so much (the attendant hassle).

Perhaps Shane has taken the right approach, bow out gracefully, admit that the added pressure of festivity on demand is too much for the slender shoulders of the lone micro-blogger. Of course, last year, the holidays didn't dampen my enthusiasm; on the other hand, as a brand new blogger, everything was shiny and new, Christmas et al even more so.

At any rate, life (and its own attendant hassle) continue, with or without holiday spirit. I think some of my foot-dragging may have to do with plain old life overload; perhaps once I finish implementing GTD like my fully-actualized dork brethren, I'll have more time for bloggy purposes.

In the meantime, posting will likely be more sporadic than usual. This, in an attempt to keep it as meaningful (present entry excepting) as possible.

I love my blog and all of its seven readers (yes, I believe the current stats safely allow me to quote "seven" with surety).

Some things to look forward to by the end of this holiday season:

  • a move to WordPress, with stem-to-stern revamping!
  • the full launch of the c-trix's web presence for design work, BeanEyes Communications!
  • a possible spin-off to add to the communicatrix empire!
  • much attendant hassle!

And people say nothing happens in this town between Thanksgiving and New Year's.