100 Things I Learned in 2005, Part 2

Oh, god. I'll do anything to put off "Getting To Empty", won't I?

  1. I really really really like living on my own.
  2. I can see the day I'll be ready to give it up anyway.
  3. Despite my good intentions, I probably will not finish the curtains before that happens.
  4. Surprise miracles are even better than the ones you wish for.
  5. The best way to make peppers is to sauté them in a bunch of olive oil, garlic and onions, a wee bit of red wine, then throw in a crapload of spinach at the end.
  6. The best way to cook steaks it to let The BF do it.
  7. My sister, Liz, makes the most amazing silver jewelry.
  8. My sister, Cathy, is amazing, period.
  9. My spirit guides were right.
  10. I don't need a lot of stuff, but I need the stuff I have to be nice.
  11. The red sofa is too big for my living room.
  12. I am not, perhaps, the white tornado, after all.
  13. I have a visceral dislike for the color mint green.
  14. Vonage is cooler in theory than it is in practice.
  15. My jewelry isn't worth as much as I thought it was.
  16. I need more art in my life.
  17. If my gut tells me something, I need to pay attention.
  18. That goes for literally as well as figuratively, in my case.
  19. That colorectal surgeon who withheld results from me, sending me into a tailspin of illness it took me a year and a half to climb out of didn't realize what he wasn't doing, and didn't do it on purpose.
  20. I really and truly understand this.
  21. I'm ready to forgive him.
  22. Everything changes.
  23. It is 100% worth it to buy the wireless mouse.
  24. For each computer.
  25. Including an extra for your boyfriend's house.
  26. It is way harder to design your own logo than it is to design someone else's.
  27. There will always be some version of having to go to your friends' shows just because they are your friends, even when you have effectively left the building.
  28. I have way too many clothes.
  29. I have more than enough money, even when I think I don't.
  30. There will never be enough time.
  31. Should it come to that, it will be much easier to give up booze than it will coffee.
  32. Bloggy crushes are as much fun as show crushes, and very similar in nature.
  33. Except for short stretches, I will never be as glamorous as my mother, either of my grandmothers, most of my friends and both of my sisters.
  34. I am okay with that.
  35. They always have been.
  36. You do not know how beautiful life can be until you have added a delete button to your Gmail.
  37. The difference between love and attachment is the short step between living and shadow-living.
  38. If you buy a forest-green rug from Urban Outfitters and use it as a bedspread, you will wake up every morning with forest-green snot in your nose.
  39. Holidays are better for me as an orphan.
  40. My eyes will always be bigger than my stomach, so I better get jiggy with the workarounds.
  41. Estrofest is at least as transformative as morning pages.
  42. Implementing GTD is both easier and harder than I thought it would be.
  43. My level of ongoing commitment to something is dictated by delight, shame and money, in that order.
  44. I learned more about piano and guitar than I thought I would.
  45. The nano was made for the podcast.
  46. Despite 43 years of evidence to the contrary, I can get fat.
  47. I don't need presents at Christmas, but I must have them on my birthday.
  48. The St. André at Trader Joe's is not bad, not bad at all.
  49. Vodka is good for summer and scotch is good by the fire but my favorite flavor of hootch is bourbon.
  50. Writing things down makes all the difference.

May the lessons and gifts of 2005 make your 2006 all the richer.

xxx c