Ich bin ein pimp

monks So I'm lounging in front of the 12" at my country house this afternoon, sipping bourbon, going to traffic school, when who should show up but Andrew Ward, photographer, and his lovely wife, Alex (or as Supah-Pimp likes to call her, AlexandraCreative). Not a total surprise, I suppose, as Alex was to become the newest owner of The BF's old 17", and the "country house" is actually The BF's regular-usual house and he'd arranged the hand-off in advance and even maybe told me about it, but I was deep into Lesson 5 out of 155, "Interacting at Intersections!", so I probably missed the old "hi" sign.

Anyway, since Andrew is a photographer and Alex is a web designer and The BF is a genius and I am a dork, our conversations always seem to go off on some geeky tangent; as we were conducting our business in the computer resale facility that The BF's dining room office has become, talk naturally turned to RSS feeds and SEO, specifically, how to drive traffic to Andrew Ward, photographer's website (which, coincidentally, was wholly designed and implemented by Alex I. Ward, sole proprietrix of AlexandraCreative). Alex, who has designed many lovely websites, was big on hidden links. Me? I've drunk the blogging Kool-Aid, and am all about the frequently updated content. I mean, think about it: if you were a spider, would you want something you couldn't see, or lots of fresh, meaty content?

Just talking about blogs gave Andrew Ward, photographer, a big fat Irish headache; reading a bit of mine almost made his head explode. And when I suggested he tack on a blog to that terrifically-designed website of his where he sells modestly-priced giclée prints of his beautiful work...well, I think he actually stood up and adjusted himself. Or wait, did that mean he liked the idea?

Regardless, he got seriously fired up when he heard how a nowheresville burg like communicatrix lands me in the top of the search rankings for critical terms like "Colleen Wainwright", "communicatrix", and "how to kill a crab". True, the name "Andrew Ward" is a lot more common than "Colleen Wainwright," but still, your own website oughta come up in the first page of search results for your own name, right?

So to prove the power of blogging (and, by extension, communicatrix-dot-com), I am shamelessly pimping Andrew Ward, photographer (and his lovely wife, AlexandraCreative). Visit the site! Buy a print! Or just...I don't know...visit the site!

Because hey, I may be a pimp, but that doesn't mean I don't like to keep my bitches happy.

xxx c

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