Super Tuesday, or How You Know God is Still in Her Heaven and All Is Right with the World

headband 1. Your sister not only turns you on to actual fast food that is both SCD-legal and tasty, she turns over a packet of photos and memoribilia you've not seen for 30 years AND makes you this bitchin' headband!!!

2. You leave yourself only 35 minutes to get from Hancock Park to Westwood, still get there on time and find an open parking space right in front of the dentist's office.

3. Both of your clients who have deadlines sign off on the work in a timely fashion, with grace and gratitude.

4. Your printer not only has the 411 on what specs and paper you ordered for a particular job over a year ago, he gives you the same price.

5. You receive assurance from someone of unquestionable character that you are neither evil nor immoral, no matter how much poop a certain chimp sees fit to fling at you.

xxx c

P.S. I love you, Liz. Onward and upward...