Cheering the Hell Up, Day 02: Better Living Through Bad Laundry

green grass feet When I bought this rug a couple of years ago it was barely off-white and stepping onto it was like warming your feet in the soft, soft wool of sleepy baby sheep.

When I washed it for the first time the colors from the old kitchen rugs I washed it with seeped into it, dyeing it a tea-like color that made me sad until I realized it now matched the color of my towels perfectly and still felt soft soft soft under my tired feet. (What we call a "bonus extra".)

But yesterday I washed it with my new kitchen rugs whose color seeped into it dyeing it a weird, mossy color of green which (quite frankly) looked pretty bilious, at least it did in the laundry room.

Still I dragged it upstairs for one last tromp because even if it was green it was still soft as sleepy baby sheep and you can always close your eyes... right? But to my great surprise with my faded, tea-like towels against my brightly painted toenails it looked...nice.

Really nice.

And it felt like standing in the woods only quieter and softer (and with more reliable running water). So now everytime I go to the bathroom it's like a little trip to a faraway, fairy tale garden where the colors and the textures are just a little bit softer.

Which I guess makes the moral a two-parter:

Keep your eyes open and don't worry if you suck at laundry.

xxx c