Cheering the Hell Up, Day 03: A cup of tea, a gallon of paint and thou

just painted Some people like brunch of a Sunday. Some people like trips to the park or the beach or someone else's backyard, for a barbeque.

For me, Sunday is best started with tea, followed by a leisurely perusal of a fatty paper, some breakfast à deux, and maybe a bit of a project.

Today's project is Part 2 of painting the decades-old linen closet of My Country House (a.k.a. The BF's), but it could just as well be raking leaves or cleaning out the garage or weeding out my closet to continue participation in the you-to-Goodwill-to-me-to-Goodwill-to-you cycle.

Some rest, some work and, if we are very, very lucky, a great love to do it with...

xxx c

Photo by Corydora via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license