Cheering the Hell Up, Day 12: Abundant abundance

hang in there There's good stuff all around if you look for it.

There's rotten stuff all around if you look for it.

If you get enough rest, eat properly (which includes an occasional indulgence), commune a bit with nature here and there, watch your pace (which includes some occasional type-A behavior), love yourself up good and surround yourself with fine people, you have a better chance of seeing the good stuff.

If you deprive your body and soul of the things it needs, you're more likely to take a ride on the RottenCoasterâ„¢.

Right now, there is so much good around me, it's almost overwhelming. Scratch that, it is a bit overwhelming. So I'm taking a few days to pause and reflect and catch up with some of this amazingness the universe has been hurling my way lately. To play catch with the universe, I guess.

I'd better get me a big mitt on the way to the airport...

xxx c

P.S. The universe wants to play ball this weekend in a field with slightly less dependable internet connection; I'll keep you posted where I can...

Image ©2006 ::enrapture::, via Flickr