Cheering the Hell Up, Day 14a: Special Numerical Bonus Edition! or "Reasons to Be Cheerful, Day 14"

numbers 1. 6 / 6 / (0)6 passed without incident!

2. Failure to wake up at prescribed hour of 7:30 made for exciting dash to first real estate appointment.

3. Airline moving my flight to a new gate with no electrical outlets in a concourse that was a 10-minute walk away on top of the 10-minute walk I'd just taken to change planes after I'd just plunked down $6.95 for WiFi creates great fodder for righteously indignant letter to the company.

4. Limit of two carry-on items made for even weight distribution on long walk.

5. Density and high poundage of aforementioned carry-on items made for excellent cardiovascular workout and strength training.

6. 6 / 6 / (0)6 passed without incident!

7. Approximate number of feet between me and Typhoid Mary on the flight from Chicago to LAX, whose key positioning offers spectacular real-life test of my seemingly robust health.

8. Number of dead mammals my rental car ran over on the drive from Bloomington to Indianapolis, whose key positioning filled me with gratitude for largish frontal lobe.

9. Number that all houses for sale and items at Wal-Mart end in.

10. 6 / 6 / (0)6 passed without incident!

xxx c

Photo by Mountainbread via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.