Colleen of the Past, tonight on Nightline

stevengrossphotoMarriage doesn't always last, but the photographs are forever. At least, they are when your wedding photographer goes on to become Wedding Photographer to the Stars.

From an e-mail I received yesterday:

Hi Colleen,

Hope this finds you well!

As you can see from the subject line I was a subject in an interview on TV. As we were setting up the interview the camera man said lets have a shot in the background. An assistant went downstairs and brought up a box of images. I let the camera man pick one out, it was one of you fixing your eyes! I hope your cool with that! Well, it will air tomorrow night! Check it out.

What can I say? The camera(man) loves me... xxx c

UPDATE: We've been bumped. Clip to air sometime next week. Maybe.

Photograph of some other bride's feet by Steven E. Gross, because honey, I lost those pix a long time ago...