New Release Tuesday!

grilled A few interesting, synchronous things have happened recently:

Robert Bruce, American Poet, has been after me to get all performance on your asses.

King of All [ONLINE] Media, chartreuse, has been after me to upload that slab o' Nightline for your asses.

And last, but certainly not leastly, my superstah pal, Jason, and his lovely honey, Lily, gave me the go-ahead to go ahead and link to his newly-available-on-DVD movie, Grilled, which stars more people who could buy and sell all of our asses than any movie I've seen in awhile (to be fair, I've been living in sad documentary Land of late).

Apparently, the third time's a charm. So watch and enjoy, er, rather, click on the big picture above, which will take you to YouTube, and then watch and enjoy.

(Now if any of you WordPress geniuses out there can help me figure out how to use this Video Blogger Plugin to actually embed the @#$*(@&% things, we could actually get this show on the road...)

xxx c