Searches, we get searchesâ„¢: superlong, tatty, remnant edition

searchesIt is a strange and wondrous thing: my fifty readers seem to be coming here on purpose, rather than randomly. Which is good for the ego, but bad bad bad for the Searchesâ„¢ feature. Should trends continue, I despair of anyone but my favorite diehards stumbling upon communicatrix-dot-com by accident. And god help my statistics if they ever puzzle out what NSA means on their own. Or if those freaks who want to see Peggy Hill in the altogether figure it out...

tricks for cutting brownies

#1. Use a knife.

kierkegaard, dating

Book opportunity: Fifty Hi-Larious First Dates in Copenhagen!

forsaken all others in marriage

Can you spell "pree-nupp"?

blooming onion diagram

If you click on this, you get a third hand to help find your ass with.

writing a film analysis-sisterhood of the travelling pants

Anatomy of a Plagiarism: BFA, 2006

theater sluts

Oh, please. Like there's any other kind.

blood coming out of your ass

If you have to ask, you can't abhor it.

neo-swiftian archetypes

This here communicatrix-dot-com is a CLASS ACT, people, a CLASS ACT!

"white jeans"drunk

Don't blogsearch drunk, people. Especially in white jeans. The internets is forever...

monkey salad

Why do I get the feeling someone was just too shy to add a comma and "toss my"?


Okay, Bon, if I disappear, send someone to look for me in a harem in Riyadh.

mutual chemistry xxx

True love, pornstar style.

similarities between casablanca and "the sound of music"

A CLASS ACT film plagiarism site, people, CLASS ACT!

See you soon, my regular & faithful readers...