Cleaning My Damned Apartment, Day 7: the carrot and the sticky stuff

reward I was sure I'd end up cleaning out Mr. Skanky Refrigerator, as Peggy Archer calls it, before tackling the silverware drawer. Think about it: the cold would probably kill most things that could scurry out of the crisper and bite you; in the strange, furry ecosystem of the silverware drawer, you're on your own.

But while making a sloppy, vaguely Mexican, skillet-type dinner, I managed to spill about a quarter cup of tomato juice smack into the forks. I thought about quickly shutting the drawer and pretending I never saw anything (my eyesight is starting to go), but this was lower than even I was prepared to sink.

So I made myself a deal: if I cleaned it out completely, no half-assing!, I'd give myself permission to do something just for fun. In between emptying out and washing (scrubbing...blasting...) the cutlery divider, I'd take the few remaining pictures I'd held in reserve and hang them on the wall.

I know, I know, busman's holiday, right? But I like to putter, so for me, hanging pictures is like eating cupcakes. Besides, the point is, if you have some kind of task you've been putting off because you find it off-putting, maybe there's a way to either barter your way in or make the task more pleasant. I bought my first iPod four years ago and it got me to walk much further than I was without it. I get more laundry-folding, ironing and even tedious Photoshop monkey work done when I treat myself to TV at the same time.

Obviously, YMMV: if your idea of 'treat' is an eight ball and a couple of hookers*, it's going to take a long time to get the chores done (unless the hookers wash while you dry).

But if you just need a little sumpin'-sumpin' to grease the wheel, think about bribery. It's shined up bigger tools than I've found in the silverware drawer...

xxx c

Photo by spalpeen via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license

*UPDATE: This zinger courtesy of The BF. He's got a million of 'em...