Cleaning My Damned Apartment, Day 10: It's the Little Things

wallet Sometimes despite the best of intentions you get busy

And doing even the smallest thing seems impossible much less a big one

But if you want to change you have to commit and do your best however lame it may seem against the backdrop of more heroic feats

So today because I am too busy because I have no time because I am slammed beyond the slammiest Platonic essence of slam

I am not cleaning my refrigerator I am not washing the kitchen floor I am not vacuuming or dusting or Getting to Empty

Today, all I am cleaning is my wallet which is not exactly a Herculean feat

On the other hand to do it out loud with my head held high and no sense of shame and even a small feeling of accomplishment?

That, my friends, is monumental...

xxx c

Photo by mikeying88 via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license