Cleaning My Damned Apartment, Day 11: The Whore's Bath, Domecile Edition

chocolate delirium torte #4 We're having a little impromptu craigslist gathering chez communicatrix right now, and since I sure as hell wouldn't buy anything from a place that looked as dumpy as mine, I thought maybe I ought to shove the bags of books I (still) haven't taken to the used book store in a corner and run the Dirt Devil over the more egregious areas of upholstery and carpeting.

Et voila! Half an hour later, The BF is $100 richer, the place looks great (if you don't look too closely) AND I got that damned gigundo A/C out of here.

Yes, it'll be crapped up again tomorrow, but until then, we lounge in semi-clean splendor*.

Maybe I'll go wash out the bathtub to celebrate...

xxx c

*Even better, The BF is taking me out to dinner! Woo-hoo!**

**I'll wash out that bathtub tomorrow...

The photo, of a bain-marie, not a whore's bath, is by gwen via Flickr, and used under a Creative Commons license. Yes, it makes rather less sense than most of the photos I use to illustrate posts, but I was so elated that something actually came up when I typed "whore's bath" into the Flickr search engine, I had to run with it. Besides, it looks hot, n'est-ce pas?