The dreaded dread, redux

Just when I thought it had been forever vanquished, I felt a bout of the Dreaded Dread coming on again. You know the drill:

  • I can't open this bill.
  • I can't bring up how I want to change the blog: I'll get fired.
  • I know I'm going to get screwed by this online vendor.
  • Sweet baby Jeebus, not a rollerskating party.
  • I'll never get rid of this damned cold.

Whatever the reason, age, experience, a super-clean apartment, I felt the dread and did it anyway. And lo, a series of amazing results:

  • The bill was high...but not as bad as the dread.
  • I brought it up...and was thanked for doing so.
  • I emailed (politely) anyway...and got a full credit.
  • It was horrible; it was magical.
  • I'm still sick.

Well, four out of five ain't bad.

Hell, the fifth ain't that bad, either.

Hell's-bells-Little-Nell! Maybe it was the cold that brought on this can-do, Calvinist/Pollyanna attitude.

Nah. It's the clean apartment...

xxx c

If anyone knows who took the awesome photo above and (I think) posted it to Flickr, please let me know so I can give credit. I somehow forgot to the first time, too. Groan...dread...groan...