the communicatrix elsewhere: talky mctalk-talk

toastmasters logoIf you've never been to a Toastmasters meeting and have always been curious, I'll be representing the Del Rey club in the Area A1 level of the Humorous Speech Contest tomorrow night. My topic? The One Thing Worse Than Public Speaking. I've already given it once to some acclaim at my local meeting, a couple of weeks ago. But I've lived the subject matter for some time. (Don't you hate it when I get all Woman Of Mystery on you?)

And while I plan to release all of my speeches as MP3s eventually, this one will probably be a live-only experience. Unless, of course, I get shitcanned tomorrow night, in which case I might just release it first, out of pique.


Saturday, Sept. 30 Santa Monica Place Mall, Colorado & 4th Street, Community Room Registration: 5:30 (I have no idea what this means, but I've been told to be there by then) Call to Order: 6pm (if you have no idea what this means, see Robert's Rules of Order') Contest: 6-8pm

Admission is $9. There is some dinner included in that, probably from one of the food court establisments. You pays yer money, you takes yer chances.

There's parking for $3 in the mall, but I've been warned to get there EARLY (yes, in all caps) so as to make it on time.

The Toastmasters, unlike me, are very big on starting promptly...

xxx c